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At Energy Kavan, solving customer challenges is second only to keeping everyone safe and healthy. We don’t compromise our focus on HSE for better business results. Our commitment to safety will minimize the impact on the environment, control risks to our employees, and maintain safe work practices. Our dedication will match our commitment so that each and every Energy Kavan employee takes personal ownership of their own safety and the safety of others.


To meet this goal we shall:

•  Strive to prevent all accidents and incidents that may arise through Company activities.
•  Identify Risks and establish appropriate safeguards to prevent realization of these Risks.
•  Create a safe and healthy working environment.
•  Ensure all our operations are carried out in accordance with relevant Legislation and Statutory requirements.
•  Provide resources, including staffing, supervision, equipment, information, instruction and training to meet this Policy.
•  Involve and consult employees and where appropriate their Representatives in all Health, Safety and Environmental related matters.
•  Always seek to capitalize on Lessons Learned from Company Operations.
•  Monitor and audit compliance with this Policy and its associated Management Systems, to ensure that they are effective, and take action to ensure continuous improvement.

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