Distribution and potential of global oil and gas resources

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Using conventional and unconventional oil and gas resource evaluation methods with play as a unit, this study evaluates the oil and gas geology and resource potential of conventional oil and gas resources and seven types of unconventional resources in the global major oil and gas basins (excluding China). For the first time, resource evaluation data with independent intellectual property rights has been obtained. According to evaluation and calculation, the global recoverable conventional oil resources are 5 350.0×108 t, the recoverable condensate oil resources are 496.2×108 t, and the recoverable natural gas resources are 588.4×1012 m3. The remaining oil and gas 2P recoverable reserves are 4 212.6×108 t, the reserve growth of oil and gas fields are 1 531.7×108 t. The undiscovered oil and gas recoverable resources are 3 065.5×108 t. The global unconventional oil recoverable resources are 4 209.4×108 t and the unconventional natural gas recoverable resources are 195.4×1012 m3. The evaluation results show that the global conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources are still abundant.

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